vineyards at Ermes Pavese
Recommended producers:

Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle

White Grapes:  100% Prie Blanc

Aging Requirements:  5 months from the 1st of December following the harvest.

Characteristics: The tiny towns of Morgex and La Salle were first cited for their wine as early as 1291, quite an achievement for a region hidden away so far up in the Alps. Over 700 years later, the region still lays claim to the highest vineyards in Europe, a title they playfully feud over with the Swiss town of Visperterminen across the border to the north. Both are around 4000ft.

The only independent producer you're likely to find in the US is Ermes Pavese, who fortunately makes fantastic wines. There are a couple importers bringing in co-op wines under their own labels as well.

Food Pairings: